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C&G Level 4 Floristry

Who’s it for?

The City & Guilds Level, 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry, is an advanced floristry course – stimulating, challenging and inspiring. It is a perfect blend of practical hands-on floristry and theoretical study and will take your professional floristry skills and knowledge to new heights.
We are proud to say that our Academy students have a 100%, pass rate for the Level 4 exam. They have also been awarded medals in the RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year competition, achieved top ranking in the New Covent Garden Market College Day competition and won WorldSkills UK heats, as well as teaching or running successful businesses of their own.
To be accepted onto the course, you will need to have completed an Academy of Floral Art Level 3 or a City & Guilds Level 3 floristry qualification OR you will need to have the equivalent industry experience.
“Since Samantha completed her Level 4, we have seen an increase in her confidence especially with wired bridal work, which in turn has proved profitable to the business as she is now far more self-assured in offering a wider range designs.”
Sandra Griffiths, Gemini Flowers, Oxford & Chair of the BFA Training & Education Group

How’s it structured?

The Academy Master Training Programme offers a unique way of developing your floristry skills and knowledge with flexible access to the City & Guilds Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry.
We have designed the Academy Master Training Programme Level 4 modules to accommodate your lifestyle and learning objectives. You can study the modules as individual units purely for CPD purposes, or you can go all the way and complete all five modules to attain the full City & Guilds Level 4 Higher Diploma qualification.


Each of the five Level 4 units will develop your expertise in a particular area, re-inspiring and invigorate your love for floristry, and help develop you as a leading floral designer.
You pay for each module individually. All the content and assignments are linked to the City & Guilds programme, and so you will have to complete a whole unit before moving onto the next module. If you would like to achieve the full City & Guilds Level 4 qualification, then you have up to three years in which to complete the five units and sit the exam.


What will I learn?

Design Trends and Events Module

In this unit, you will explore:

  • the work of a wide range of national and international designers and their styles and techniques
  • how to use them yourself to solve design and construction problems
  • how to predict trends and where to find inspiration
  • methods to merchandise and display these types of designs to sell
  • large-scale works and their construction as well as themed ideas for corporate work

Assessment: There is one assignment for this unit, and you will need to write evaluations of the practical designs you created.

Design Concepts and Hand Tied Module

In this module, you will explore:

  • design concepts to re-invigorate your design work – from sources of inspiration to the full Gregor Lersch schema
  • how to use the schema to influence your designs
  • again the valuable elements and principles of design to develop the self-evaluation of your work
  • the development of tied designs, developing concepts from simple hand tied bouquets to tied designs
  • tied work in all areas of professional floristry including funeral, corporate and wedding floristry
  • emerging concepts of tied work including the laying down bouquets
  • how we can push tied work into the future.

Assessment: There is one assignment for this module, and you will need to evaluate the practical designs you created in writing.


Wiring and Gluing Designs with Botanical Studies Module

In this unit, you will explore:

  • clever use of wiring techniques in modern commercial floristry, reviewing and improving wiring skills (including speed).
  • how these techniques have been developed by leading floral designers not only in wedding work, but also in other areas of floristry
  • dozens of gluing techniques using a wide range of gluing mediums
  • how they can be used in aspects of commercial floristry including funeral and corporate design
  • the very mechanics of floral materials to better understand how best they can be used and kept
  • the role that planted designs can have in enhancing a florist shop especially in quieter periods.

Assessment: There are two assignments attached to this module, and you will need to complete written evaluations of the practical designs you created.


Business Development Module

In this module, you will explore:

  • how to create an effective and streamlined business with effective marketing and promotion
  • a range of polices and procedure to ensure the smooth running of your florist business
  • staff development, incentives and recruitment
  • pricing policies to ensure that you price for profit
  • the customer experience in your florist shop or studio
  • ways to improve and develop it to exceed your customers’ expectations
  • sales techniques and what your corporate branding says about you
  • displays and marketing tactics
  • compliance with retail legislation.

Assessment: There are three assignments in this module.


Historical Look at Designs in Mediums Module

In this unit, you will explore:

  • the styles and techniques of previous eras to find new inspiration
  • how to tap into periods to theme ideas and displays for event decoration
  • a wide range of mediums with which we can create designs including environmentally friendly arrangements for conscientious customers
  • ways to tap into the trend for home-grown or home-produced products.

Assessment: There is one assignment to complete with this module, and you will need to complete the evaluations for the practical designs you have created.


Exam Module

The Exam Module is all about preparing you properly for the City & Guilds Level 4 exams. It includes a mock practical and theory exam as well as the final practical and theory exam. We support you in compiling and presenting your final portfolio and help you prepare your toolbox for the exam.

Assessment: This unit requires you to sit the mock exams and the final exams, and you will be required to answer practice questions and complete speed tasks to improve your speed.


Who are my Academy Level 4 tutors?

You will be in very good hands with our friendly team of Academy tutors. We are all highly qualified florists and tutors with considerable real, commercial floristry experience – and we are absolutely passionate about what we do.

The tutor teaching the City & Guilds Level 4 course this year will be Tina Parkes.


What does it cost?

You can pay for each unit individually.

Flowers, foliages and sundries are not included in the fees. You can source your own, or we can source them for you at wholesale prices. You should allow around £30-40 per day for the cut material and sundries.

As from 1st Oct 2017, Academy Level 4 teaching will be priced as follows (All prices include VAT at 20%):
£797                 per module, payable 14 days before the start of each module.

£150                 Registration fee for City & Guilds examination body, payable halfway through the first unit. Your registration is valid for three years.

£545                 Exam module fee (payable in June 2019)


£4680               TOTAL for the complete City & Guilds Level 4 course and exam



Book before the 1st Oct 2017 to save the £150.00 City & Guilds registration fee.


When can I start?


Thanks to the modular nature of the City & Guilds Level 4 course, you don’t have to wait for the traditional academic year to get started. Instead you can simply enroll at the start of a module.

The courses take place on Mondays and Tuesdays only and at our idyllic Devon location:

EXETER: Academy of Floral Art, Dunchideock, Nr Exeter, Devon EX2 9UA

Module Dates
Design Concepts & Hand Tied 30 Apr – 1 May 2018, 4-5 June 2018, 2-3 July 2018
Wiring & Gluing Designs & Botanical Studies 17-18 Sept 2018, 8-9 Oct 2018, 19-20 Nov 2018
Business Development TBC early Jan 2019, Late Jan 2019, Feb 2019, March 2019
Historical Look at Designs in  Mediums April, May, June 2019
 Design Trends & Events Sept, Oct  Nov 2019
Exams Module July or  Jan

If this course sounds like the one for you, then you can book onto your first module by clicking the box below. On the other hand, if you would like to talk to the Academy team for more advice and guidance, you can call us to chat it through on 01392 834893 or email us at

We look forward to speaking to you.